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Sunday Worship Location: 8104 Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA 22042 US
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3593, Merrifield, Falls Church, VA 22116-3593

Church History

Peace Christian Center Church was founded March 30, 1997, on the scripture John 14:27. The initial vision for the church came to Pastor Jackie Russell at this time. There was and still is a burden placed on the heart of this Pastor to bring about liberation to as many people as possible through the teaching and preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"I see whole people regardless of age, race, gender, economic levels, coming together for the common cause of lifting up the Name of Jesus Christ, becoming liberated and empowered by the Holy Spirit through the teaching of God's Holy Word. Thereby making Peace with God and accepting the Peace of God."

Pastor Russell moved forth with the God-given mandate to start the work and the mission of the church. In October 1997, the first Bible Study, The Book of Nehemiah, was held at 2860-202 Dover Lane Falls Church, Virginia. The first attendees were Pastor Jackie Russell, Gregory Russell, Sr. Gregory Russell, Jr., Matoka Forbes, Phyllis Cokley, Margaret Coppedge, Mike Coppedge, Kennan Forbes, and Bianca Forbes.
In January 1998, the church was set aside and consecrated as a nonprofit mission. In October 21, 1998 Pastor Robert Lewis Divens, Jr., Pastor Katie L. McKenzie consecrated Pastor Jackie Russell and officially presented the church charter for the work. On July 9, 2000, Peace Christian Center Church and Pastor Russell came under the covering of Faith Deliverance Christian Fellowship of Churches, Dr. Barbara Amos, Presiding Prelate and is in fellowship as of this date. Much great work has taken place and will continue to take place at Peace Christian Center Church.
Many lives have been changed by the preaching of the gospel at 8104 Lee Highway in the Merrifield, Virginia, community/DMV area. The church is known for prayer, praise, helps, healing, and deliverance, and has a strong teaching biblical curriculum development arm. We pray that God shall continue to grow us, as we engage in faith, charitable, and educational work, helping beautiful people and changing lives for the better.

Contact our church of God or visit us in Falls Church, Virginia, to hear His inspiring words.